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Family Law   

When dissolution of your marriage or your civil union or being forced out of your child’s life is imminent your future becomes uncertain. This affects every aspect of your life. We understand the importance that family plays in your life. We understand the fear and emotional turmoil that occurs when you face an uncertain future, whether financially or emotionally.

We have over 85 years of legal experience helping people through these emotionally and financially troubling times. We can provide the leadership, guidance and practical advice necessary to navigate these troubled waters on your behalf. We have professionally handled many custody cases, child support cases, and disputes over marital financial matters. We can help you through the court process and eliminate the fear that arises from the uncertainties of this system. With our experience and expertise we can help you establish a future that brings you hope and stability.

We have helped parents become active, meaningful participants in their children’s lives. We have done this by assisting clients in gaining custody of their children, establishing liberal parenting time with your children, negotiating a joint parenting agreement and working out the financial obligations to support the child.

We can help you understand the financial aspect of a marriage. We take the time to understand your financial needs. We take the time to understand how to help you obtain the resources to meet your financial obligations and build a foundation for the future.

We understand. We want to help you do what is best for you and your children.  Our focus is a resolution that leaves you in a position to live into a future that helps you build an emotional and financial future that helps you realize your personal goals.